Is deciding what colour to wear very overwhelming for dark indian skin?

Tip – Never choose anything that is ashy or milky. But pastels even though they fall in the milky category will work when paired well.

Below are some of the colours that just look gorge on Indian Brown Beauties besides the usual white and black shades.

1) RED

The universally flattering colour, essentuates the natural yellow tones we have in our skin. Pair a red shirt with a black jeans or wear a single piece in any type shade of red. Try to stick to the vibrant or the deeper reds. Looks really sexy on us.


Blue, the colour that most of us avoid unless its deep royal blue, it cam actually be a really cool inclusion to your wardrobe. Blues from turquoise to royal blue will make you look amazingly flattering. Try to stay away from the vey light milky blues but besides that every shade will work for you.


The royal colour especially in the darker versions looks sexy on dark skinned people. Try to avoid lilac and move towards the darker or brighter purples. Metallic purple also looks really good.


Orange another colour to watch out for, this colour pops the natural flush on brown skin. Burnt orange to bright orange to lighter orange all look perfect. Try it out.


Green from emerald to dark olive to yellowish lime colour, all look good on dark skin. Mostly green goes well with white or black.


Yellow is the perfect colour amongst the above colours for dark skinned people like us. It just brightens everything. The best part is that all shades of yellow suit our skin tone.

Another tip, try to follow a celebrity who matches your skin tone and take inspiration from the way they choose colours.

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