What to wear as per the Shape of your Body

Figure out your body shape might seem like an unnerving task, find out in a few easy steps.

Trying to figure out your body shape might seem like an unnerving task. Even though the steps to figure it out by comparing our bodies to fruits and geometric shapes is a little weird and outdated but it just helps you save time shopping right and getting dressed. Here we decided to make it easy for you guys. We have broken down a few body types to help you figure out what shape you are and what types of clothes you will be able to carry off the most. Here is the list of body types and the essentials you’ll need to follow to look on point every day! Determining the shape of your body Measure the sizes of your bust, waist and hips. These are the sizes that will determine the size of your clothes. Make sure you measure these sizes in inches. Every body has pros and cons, knowing what suits best on your body type helps you look your best and accentuate the pros well.

  • Pear Shape: This is one of the most common body types usually know as the bottom-heavy or triangle body shape. In this body type, the lower body: hips, thighs and sometimes the behind are usually on the heavier side. The shoulders are narrow and broad. This body type is usually described as the most curvaceous body and the legs are sometimes wider, fuller and muscular as compared to the rest of the body. What to wear: Fit & Flare dresses are the most flattering for these body types because they accentuate smaller top half and perfectly show off the curviest parts and then flares from the waist down. This helps accentuating the bigger parts of your body.
  • Apple Shape: This body is generally described as ‘top-heavy’ as the bust is almost 3 or 4 inches bigger than the hips. This body usually has slimmer limbs especially the arms, wider shoulders, the midsection and chest are heavier, the top is heavier, and the legs are slimmer. The waistline in the midsection is defined well accentuating the top of the body. What to wear: Empire cuts and A-Line dresses are ideal for apple shaped body types. Dark colors, printed dresses, 3.4 or full sleeves, monochrome and flowy tops will help shift the focus.
  • Inverted Triangle Shape: This body type is mostly known to be an athletic body type. The shoulders are broader than the hips. The bust is mostly bustier but not always. What to wear: Pencil skirts, skinny jeans, etc are the right fits for this type of body since they have narrow hips. Also, not layering the top too much is recommended. And V-neck lines creates an illusion of narrow shoulders.
  • Rectangular Shape: In this body type, the hips, bust and the waist are about the same size. Unlike the other body types, the rectangular body type is not curvy and the shoulders may appear flat. Despite this shape, this body may have a curvy bottom and a wide chest and a little extra weight in the midriff. What to wear: Opt for A-line skirts, layered and ruffled tops. Sleeveless, strapless and sweetheart necklines look great on this body type creating the illusion of a bulkier upper body.

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