Bright Colors for Dark Skin

Updated: Apr 4

As a dark skinned woman in India, I always hesitated to wear bright and dark colors because people around me have always led me to believe dark women cannot pull off certain colors and fair skinned people can carry practically any color.  We are given tags like ‘bold’ or ‘wild’ if we choose to wear bright colors, which I don’t know why should that be a bad thing? Up until a few years ago, I always prefered playing it safe with colors. I always thought, bright colors would make me look darker or dark colors won’t work for me in photographs. But surprisingly, when I did start experimenting with colors in my wardrobe, I realized I can pull off just about any color. It simply depends on how I style it and carry it off. Also, to be honest, dark skin looks great in every color, every shade. I, now, don’t shy away from trying colors that I didn’t even dare to look at until a few years ago. If you have the beautiful dark Indian skin tone, then here are a few colors you must try if you think you cannot pull these off: 1. RED: Most dark skinned women, including myself, think red is too bold or bright for our skin tone. In fact, red is one of the most sexy and elegant colors of all. It just depends on how you prefer to wear it. A deep scarlet red, ruby or berry red looks striking on dark skin tones. If you want to go for a more modest look, try wearing matte-like materials in these colors, will look super hot! If you want to go for a more edgy look, try crimson or apple red color. 2. WHITE: For some reason, most dark skin women don’t go for whites assuming it makes them look darker. Not at true. I mean, white looks mesmerizing on dark skin. Try eggshell, off-whites, ivory, chiffon or lace dress for an elegant look. To look edgy, go for a snow, daisy, porcelain or frost white. If you haven’t heard of the series ‘ Scandal’, you definitely should check it out only for Kerry Washington’s brilliant style moments throughout the show’s run, no one can rock monotones and whites like her. 3. GREEN: Green is THE COLOR for dark skin. Any shade of this color looks extremely flattering on our skin tone. For a more subtle style, go for pine, shamrock or any darker tints of green. Basil green and olives are sexy colors too. For a more brighter look, go for the beautiful mint green, this color is a blessing for the dark skin. Also, really cool colors to try are pear and lim green. 4. YELLOW: Maximum dark skinned Indian women steer clear from this color because they feel this color is too loud and out there. Tones like Honey, yellow-gold, butterscotch and mustard are perfect for beginners who want to ease into this color spectrum. For a summery, day look, try lemon or banana yellow. You can even try accessories in different shades of yellow with white, blue or black outfits, especially a neon yellow neck piece or earrings. 5. ORANGE: Choosing the right garment type and color as per your undertones is the key to rock an orange shade.Burnt or rust orange and apricot color goes supremely well with dark skin. For a day to evening look, wear a mango orange or a tangerine shade. Believe us, all eyes will be on you!

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